Ultimate Relaxation

Because we are, and always have been, committed to delivering the highest quality products to you, we represent Hot Springs Hot Tubs & Spas. Our founder tested several different manufacturers back in our early years and decided to take on Hot Springs when they first started. We’ve been with them for 25 years now, and are the 6th dealer among thousands around the world for what is now
the finest Hot Tub manufacturer out there today.

Ahh, the benefits of a home spa! If you’re looking for a way to melt stress or aches and pains away, there’s no better solution than a Hot Springs Hot Tub or Spa from Custom Pools. If you’re thinking about installing a Hot Tub at your home, consider the following benefits:

-Reduce Stress
-Relieve Tension
-Spend Quality Family Time
-Enjoy a Good Night’s Sleep
-Relax & Soothe Tired Muscles & Joints
-Year Round Use

Visit either one of our two showrooms to view a wide array of Hot Springs tubs and spas. Talk to any of our knowledgeable staff about the best option for you. Both showrooms offer everything you need to get your new hot tub set up, or to properly maintain your existing hot tub. See our Spa Maintenance section for more.

Spa Benefits