There are many reasons why we only install gunite pools. The most common benefits of using gunite are outlined below. You’ll quickly see at-a-glance why gunite pools are the best choice. Call us today to get your gunite pool underway!

Gunite pools appreciate in value.
Vinyl pools depreciate in value.

OUR residential gunite pools have a CUSTOMER LIFETIME WARRANTY.
Vinyl liners will need to be replaced, warranties are limited and pro-rated.

Gunite will never wrinkle or tear.
Many things can cause vinyl to wrinkle, tear or discolor. Animals, glass, pool toys, sunlight, chemicals, jewelry, etc.

Gunite pools are built with natural materials.
Vinyl is a petroleum-based product.

Gunite gains strength as it ages. We’ve installed gunite pools all around New England that are now over 40 years old!
Vinyl loses strength as it ages. (You will never see a 40-year old vinyl liner pool.)

Gunite can be shaped to your personal needs and preferences with unlimited options
Vinyl has very limited shapes.

Gunite is the pool of choice for commercial and municipal pools.
Vinyl is almost never used for commercial or municipal pools.